Boys ...

Today I spent the day with Emi and one of his best friends. We played tennis, we went swimming and after lunch we did some rock pooling. Everyone wore their flip flops, which made clambering over the rocks a  bit difficult. Duh! I should have known better. It must have been the heat that was melting my brain and leaving me incapable of making rational decisions ... . I mean I'm normally quite good at keeping all the children in my care alive and in one piece.

Then, just as we were struggling over a particularly large boulder and I was feeling less than up to the task, I saw these boys doing this:

I crossed my fingers and hoped that there was another responsible adult in the area who would know what to do if they hit the rocks. I guess they've been coming here since they were babies, and their fathers before them, so everyone knows exactly what the contours of the sea bed are like in this particular cove. It's amazing how you can survive with a bit of local knowledge ... .

Happily everyone surfaced and my life-saving skills weren't called upon. Phew! I heaved a huge sigh of relief and slunk off to a dark corner of my rock pool in search of a hermit crab, who could safely be relied upon not to make any rash decisions and bash himself into oblivion.

All the best for now,

Bonny x