Workshop Details

October 2018

By special guest request this retreat was all about socks. We knit the simplest snuggly socks in Merino 4-ply yarn.

May 2018

For this retreat we worked in bamboo, knitting lovely swishy scarves that were perfect for in-between weather when summer days turned into cooler nights.

October 2017 Sant Feliu Workshop

For this workshop we worked a multi-media project making these cute knitted bags, sewn up with lining and contrasting tweed facings.  We played with Aran stitchwork, and everyone was free to play with the design to settle upon a motif that made them happy.

Easter 2017 Barcelona Workshop

I've been busy getting a project ready for the lovely ladies who are going to be my guests in Barcelona over Easter. I'm so very excited to be hosting them in one of the greatest cities in the world.

We're going to be working on some Barcelona Bears as our holiday project. This pattern had its first incarnation to celebrate the wonderful one-day wool fair that is Festiwool back in the autumn, but it's making a come-back with a splendid new spring waistcoat to keep the bears warm on those chillier spring days.

October Workshop 2016

Here's what we got up to last week in sunny Sant Feliu:

You can find the pattern here: Costa Brava Rag Dolls

Summer Workshop 2016

I'm delighted to welcome my summer guests to sunny Sant Feliu tomorrow. The weather is perfect, the gardens are looking fabulous and we're all set for another workshop.

Our project for the week to come is a Fair Isle tote bag, knit from our own-label organic cotton. We've got all the colours of the rainbow, and we're going to encourage our guests to try their hands at varying the standard pattern to produce something that will be uniquely their own.

Easter Workshop 2016

I'm so excited to welcome another group of lovely guests, who are arriving in a couple of weeks for our Easter break. A few individuals have asked if we could do something baby-related for our workshops, which struck me as a great idea. Even if you don't have an imminent new arrival gracing your family circle, baby clothes are a great way to practice your knitting skills. You get to a result so much quicker, making it an altogether more intensive skill work-out. And it follows, as certainly as the night follows the day, that if you can make a jumper for a baby, you can big it up, and make it for an adult.

Costa Brava Knitting Bamboo DK
Easiest baby jumper knit with our own-label Costa Brava Knitting Bamboo Double Knitting yarn

So with all that in mind we're going to start off with the very simple baby jumper pattern that I published back in February. For those who like a little more of a challenge we'll look at ways in which it can be altered to change the size, add cables, try a different stitch pattern, add a hood ... whatever. But the basic idea, once again, is to encourage people to have a go at creating their very own, unique piece of clothing to their own, exact specifications.

Costa Brava Knitting Bamboo Double Knitting yarn
Costa Brava Knitting Bamboo Double Knitting yarn
And we'll be using my wonderful variegated Bamboo yarn. If you fancy being a little bit lazy and not doing too much fancy stitch-work, this yarn, with its different colours, will add enough detail to make the finished creation interesting and attractive.

So, as they say in this part of the world, hasta pronto,

Bonny x

February Workshop 2016

For those lovely people joining us in a few weeks' time we've got a great fishing cable, nautical theme going on with our workshops. We're going to focus on knitting and designing in Aran. For those who are a little less confident we'll take things slowly with a few easy-to-master cables. I've sourced the most amazing yarn that looks great even with the simplest of designs. For those folk who'd like to just chillax and follow a pattern we'll knit this glorious cowl.

And for the more adventurous we'll encourage you to design and knit your own Aran cowl, combining traditional Aran patterns to create your own totally unique garment.

I've sourced the most amazing hand-painted yarn in 100% merino wool for the workshops. It knits up as double knitting on 4mm needles giving the Aran patterns superb stitch-definition. It really is a joy to work with. Each guest will receive a complimentary knitting kit comprising 200g of this luxury yarn to create their perfect holiday knit.

I'm so excited to be sharing this project and this wonderful, luxury yarn with my February guests. 

So, as they say in this part of the world, hasta pronto,

Bonny x