Fishing at sunset ...

I like to be out and about when the sun sets. There's a precious moment just before it disappears behind the hills when everywhere is bathed in the most wonderful golden light. Many of the local folk hereabouts also like to be out with their fishing rods at this same, precise moment. Fish, fishing, catching fish, eating fish, cooking fish: it's all a bit of an obsession in this little fishing village of mine. And whilst I don't have the temperament of a hunter, I am always touched to see whole families working together to teach the next generation how to catch their dinner. I loved how intent this little boy and his father were on the serious business of hooking a fish. The boy had ants in his pants - just like my Emi - but he was doing his very best to sit reasonably still so that he didn't scare the fish away.

All the best for now,

Bonny x